1. This gallery only accepts works of artists from the Arab World in order to help them market their artwork worldwide.

  2. The artist must register his nationality and country of residence. We welcome Arab Artists who reside outside the Arab world.

  3. The artist must submit his own original work, and it must not be copied from another artist's work, stolen , or has royalty rights to another party.

  4. The artwork must be of artistic value.

  5. The artist can submit an unlimited number of works.

  6. We accept all good artwork, regardless of the artist's age, experience, or career type.

    We reject all works that are religiously offensive, have pornographic content , and works that entice hatred, prejudice, or violence towards anyone.

  7. A specialized committee of artists revises all submitted works for evaluation. In case of acceptance or rejection, you will be informed by email.

    Some works might be suspended pending the completion of some of the missing data. We will let you know by email in order to rectify that matter quickly and get your artwork approved.

    The artist must register the price of the artwork , and choose the currency he or she prefers.

  8. We have the right to reject an artwork without specifying the reason.

  9. We have the right to delete an artwork if it does not follow the website’s rules.

  10. This is a non-profit website. The buyer contacts the artist directly, therefor the website is not responsible for any legal problems that may arise upon the completion of the artwork's purchase. Our role is restricted to displaying the artworks and their prices.

  11. In case we receive a complaint involving an artist, a committee will investigate the complaint thoroughly. If the artist is found to be responsible for the dispute, then the committee reserves its right to expel that artist from the website.

  12. We are committed to fully fund the launching, maintenance, and advertising costs of this website. Our only goal is to support the Arab artists and help them in reaching an international platform.

  13. If any artist receives a request for payment under our name Arab Art For Sale, please reject it and inform us immediately! We do not charge any commission or fees at all.